Form 1 Print

The latest form mold for the wallet rubber band mold.  Rubber pours to follow this weekend.


Side, side project: mini bar

Our design prompt:  create a mini bar that would fit snugly in the wall niche and it had to incorporate the hairpin legs.  Our solution gave us a chance to further experiment with concrete.  The embedded crystals were a special challenge.  All in all, it's working great and weighs a ton.  


Dueling scorpions


7th generation "who are you?" Wallets are glued and finished.  Next step is testing.  

We're Up!

It's official.  September 1st of 2014 we have started The We Design Workshop with two products in mind: our voronoi paintings ("Oh, hello!") and our wooden wallets ("Who are you?"). We look forward to growing together and adding more products in the future - stay tuned! BB+AM